Base Rate for 1 child:     $25/per hour
*Additional Children: $5 per hour per child
Holiday Rate for 1 child: $30/ per hour
*Additional Children: $5/ per hour

*NYE for 1 child: $30

$35/per hour – $5 per hour additional per child

Placement Fees:

Reservations made 48+ hours prior: $30 placement fee

Reservations made inside of 48 hours prior: $40 placement fee

Holiday Reservations: $40 placement fee

New Year’s Eve: $60 placement fee

Each additional Reservation made at the same time for the same time set: 
$10 placement fee u 

(10 day maximum, after ten days it is $20/day)

Please refer to our Policies page for additional information about booking your
Lake Tahoe Sitters childcare.

*Holiday rates and placement fees will be in effect on the following dates:

December 29th – January 4th

January 17th-21st

February 14th February 23rd

April 10th-20th

May 22nd- May 26th

Friday, June 26th- July 6th

September 4th- September 8th

November 20th – December 1st

December 24th – January 2nd

Contact Us about special events, weddings, and group care.