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Night Nanny Services

Night Nannies:

Getting enough sleep every night helps us all stay healthy and can help us to be our best selves.  It can be extremely important to new moms in the weeks and months after bringing home a newborn. When a night nanny is hired, she will attend to baby throughout the night. When the baby wakes to eat the night nanny will prepare the breast milk or formula bottle and feed the baby or will bring the baby to mom if breastfeeding is preferred. After the baby has been fed, the night nanny will burp, change and soothe the baby back to sleep so that mom or dad can get the best rest possible.

Night Nanny Rates:

Base rate for one child: $35 per hour

*Additional Children: $20/per hour per child.

Placement Fees:
Reservations made 48+ hours prior: $50 placement fee
Reservations made inside of 48 hours prior: $60placement fee
Holiday Reservations: $75
New Year’s Eve: $60 placement fee
Each additional Reservation made at the same time for the same time set: $10 placement fee